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Hatchmatcher Guide Service

Hatchmatcher Guide Service

Hatchmatcher Guide Service

Hatchmatcher Guide ServiceHatchmatcher Guide ServiceHatchmatcher Guide Service

Waters We Fish

James River


 Being our home water the James River flows for over 340 miles . Its flow is broken up by numerous Islands, rock gardens, grass beds and riffles. White water and slow deep pools are found along each section of river. Most sections are around 5 to 8 miles in length. Along its way you'll find clay banks loaded with claw fish burrows and hungry bass. The banks are also tree lined providing us with over hanging limbs causing terrestrials to fall becoming easy prey for the fish. The longer deep pools are loaded with bolder rocks holding plenty of baitfish which in turn will have the bass cruising looking for a meal. 

Shenandoah River


 Our guiding is done on the South Fork of the Shenandoah. The "doah is not nearly as big a river as the James but it's still a smallmouth factory. As the river flows between the Blue Ridge and Massanutten Mountains you may find yourself enjoying the scenery as much as the fishing. The Shenandoah is a fly fishermen dream. The pebble bottoms, ledges, under cut banks and grass beds all hold aggressive smallmouth



 Our area is blessed to have several county reservoirs. These allow us the opportunity to target largemouth, sunfish, yellow perch, grass carp and pickerel.  They are options we use when the rivers are blown out and we need to scratch that itch to fish. 

 There are also a couple we frequent that hold trout. Trout fishing from the comforts of a boat is a enjoyable way to spend a day of fishing .